Summary $TCORE
Circulating Supply........: [6,250]

TCORE available in BSC pool.......: [0.00000]

Your Wallet..............: [0.00000]

Claimable...........: [0.00000]

Total...............: [0.00000]

Your Wallet..............: [0.00000]

Staked..............: [0.00000]

TCORE Vault Finance v2

- Binance Smart Chain -

TCORE Vault is a non-inflationary farming model forked from (CORE), with an improved code.

The TCORE Vault V2 earn a 7% tax from any sell order and any transaction on the blockchain.

Anyone can earn these fees by providing liquidity and staking the LPs in the Vault. 95% of this tax goes straight to the stakers, and the 5% remaining is sent to the dev wallet.

TornadoCORE Vault Finance's goal is to maximise users profits and to constantly improve/develop the protocol to be a competitive profit-making asset for our investors.

TCORE-BNB PancakeLP Vault V2

Please carefully read the right panel before staking.

! This vault only supports TCORE-BNB Pancakeswap LPs !

APY %...............: [0.000]

Total Staked LP.....: [0.00000]

Your Staked LP......: [0.00000]

Your Unstaked LP....: [0.00000]

Tokens Claimable....: [0.00000]

Amount in LP........:

Non-inflationary Farming
- Binance Smart Chain -

Caution: By staking, you fully aknowledge that your liquidity will be forever locked on Bakery/Pancakeswap. Once you staked, LP tokens cannot be used to remove the liquidity provided.

TCORE Vaults earn their APY from a 7% fee from all sell orders and transactions made with TCORE. This includes the whole trading volume of Bakeryswap/Pancakeswap and any transaction on the blockchain.

APY is dynamic, and vary with the LP value, the amout of LP staked in the vault, BNB price, TCORE price and the trading volume - the more people are trading, the more profit TCORE Vault receives to share amongst the stakers.


The Zapper is not ready yet, please do not use it.

Amount in BNB.......:

-> estimated 0.00000 LP

Zap your BNB to TCORE LP tokens

We currently face issues with the Zapper, please do not use it yet. If you want to stake, you can just add liquidity to TCORE-BNB pair on BakerySwap website, then stake your received Bakery LP tokens (BLP) in the Vault tab.

This is a dApp that will convert half your BNB deposited into TCORE. Then it creates LP tokens for you, and deposit it into the TCORE Vault to start earning TCORE.

TCORE Zap saves you time and gas.

You are able to withdraw your LP tokens from the TCORE Vault. You will be able to sell them on Balancer or ZerionApp provided there is liquidity available.

Caution: By staking, you fully aknowledge that your liquidity will be forever locked on BakerySwap. Once you staked, you can either sell your Claimable TCORE tokens on BakerySwap market, or exchange your LPs for other currencies on our Telegram group.


Pool not open yet. Please don't use.

Strategy .......................: [DAI Curve]

APY % .............................: [APY Discovery]

Total Staked DAI.......: [0.00000]

Your Staked DAI........: [0.00000]

Your Unstaked DAI...: [0.00000]

Est. TCORE Rewards: [0.00000]

Amount in DAI.......:

TCOREPools - 0% IL,
Profit Strategy Pools
- Binance Smart Chain -

By staking DAI token in a TCORE Pool, you are simultaneously earning and providing buy pressure while enjoying minimal risk exposure and impermanent Loss. When you stake your tokens in the TCORE Pool, you earn $TCORE.

TCORE Pools use the earned interest to constantly buy TCORE from the market. By staking in the TCORE Pools you are providing buy pressure on the token you are earning.

Your earned TCORE will be market ordered from your interest accrued and then claimed when you withdraw from the TCORE Pool. Your total staked DAI balance represents the value of both your claimable TCORE and DAI.

Time Remaining......: [00:00:00:00]

Total $TCORE Supply.....: [6,250]

Pooled $TCORE Supply..: [3,125]

BNB Contributed in LGE..: [1295.66]

Contributed value (in $)..: [64,264]

Lock BNB

Amount in BNB.......:

$TCORE Liquidity Generation Event

The TCORE Liquidity Generation Event allows investors to contribute and lock their BNB in the vault (forever). Once the event is over, all contributed BNB will be deposited as liquidity to BakerySwap.

All the LGE contributors will be able to claim their share of LP tokens once LGE is over.

Please note that it is not a presale. By contributing in this LGE, you will not receive any TCORE token, only LP tokens (allowing you to stake).

$TCORE-ETH stakers will receive 48% of TCORE(BSC) total supply (=3000 TCORE divided between stakers, depending on how many LP they own among the 474 currently existing), as a reward of their long-term engagement with Tornado.

By depositing, you agree that you are using this application at your own risk. DYOR. Please also verify that you are connected on BSC chain, and that your BNB are BEP20.





About TCORE code

The original source code credits belongs to 0xRevert, from cVault (CORE). TCORE is a fork and derivates from it, however it has been adaptated to fit with Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

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