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TCORE Vault Finance
- Polygon -

Tornado (TCORE) is a non-inflationary farming model forked from cVault (CORE), with some modifications in the source code.

The TCORE Vault takes 7% fee from every Quickswap sell trade and any transaction on the blockchain (except buy orders). These 7% are deposited in the vault and divided among the stakers (the people providing liquidity into the project) depending on their LP shares.

The TCORE Pool earn from profit strategy contracts to earn interest, with minimal risk exposure and impermanent loss.

TCORE Vault Finance's goal is to maximise TCOREVault and TCOREPool user profits, and constantly improve the protocol to be a competitive profit-making asset for our investors.


Please carefully read the right panel before staking.

APY %...............: [0.000]

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- Non-inflationary Farming -

Caution: By staking, you fully aknowledge that your liquidity will be forever locked in Quickswap pool. Once you staked, LPs cannot be used to remove the liquidity provided.

TCORE Vaults earn their APY from a 7% fee taken from all Quickswap sell trades and any transaction on the blockchain (except buy orders).

The 7% fee is divided in 2 parts: 95% of this fee is distributed to stakers depending on the amount of liquidity they provided. 5% of this fee is kept as a developer fee.

The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is dynamic, and vary with the LP value, the amount of LP staked in the vault, MATIC price, TCORE price and the trading volume - the more people are trading, the more profit TCORE Vault receives to share amongst the stakers.


Please carefully read the right panel before staking.

Amount in MATIC.......:

-> estimated 0.00000 LP

TCORE Zap your MATIC to TCORE LP tokens

This dApp will first convert half your MATIC deposited into TCORE, then creates LP tokens for you, and deposit them into the TCORE Vault to start earning TCORE.

TCORE Zap saves you time and gas (you provide liquidity in 1-click).

You can withdraw your LP tokens from the TCORE Vault afterwards.

Caution: By staking, you fully aknowledge that your liquidity will be forever locked on Quickswap. Once you staked, you can exchange your LP tokens for any other asset with other investors in our Telegram group.

Time Remaining......: [00:00:00:00]

Total $TCORE Supply..: [6,250]

MATIC Deposited.......: [0.00000]

Your Contribution...: [0.00000]
Contribution in %...: [0.000]

Lock MATIC tokens

Amount in MATIC.......:

$TCORE Liquidity Generation Event

The TCORE Liquidity Generation Event allows investors to contribute and lock their MATIC. Once the event is over, all contributed MATIC will be deposited as liquidity to Quickswap.

MATIC depositors will be able to claim their share of LP tokens once the event has ended by clicking on CLAIM LP button (showing on this page once the timer ends).

The LP tokens allows you to earn the 7% tax taken from TCORE sell orders and blockchain transfers.

Note that by contributing in this LGE, you will receive LP tokens, not TCORE tokens.

By depositing, you agree that you are using this application at your own risk. DYOR.

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I. TCORE Vault

II. Non-inflationary farming

III. Liquidity Generation Events

IV. TCORE Router

V. Automated strategy vaults

VI. Automated strategy vaults


VIII. Tokenomics

IX. CORE inherited formulas

X. User guides

FAQ and User guides

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